Planning Permission Granted for new tourist accommodation on the edge of Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

Leisure and Tourism Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

The scheme envisages the conversion and change of use of an existing timber storage building to form a self-catered holiday let.

The proposed conversion will accommodate 2 double bedrooms, with a family bathroom, and an open plan kitchen and living area.

Of particular relevance to this proposal is Chapter 3 of the NPPF, which specifically seeks to support and encourage sustainable rural tourism and leisure developments which benefit businesses in rural areas, communities and visitors, whilst respecting the character of the countryside. In addition, the Framework seeks to support the provision of tourist and visitor facilities in appropriate locations, where identified needs are not met by existing facilities.

In respect of these elements of the Framework, the proposed conversion scheme will assist in delivering much needed accommodation for tourists wishing to stay in this key visitor area.  Owing to the location of the Site on the edge of Sherwood Forest, tourist accommodation is in high demand, with visitors to the area providing financial support to other local businesses. The proposed re-use of an existing timber cabin in this location will also provide our client with a viable and successful rural enterprise, whilst having no detrimental impact upon the character or appearance of the countryside in this location.

The delivery of tourist accommodation to fulfil a recognised need in this location represents an opportunity to provide a sustainable rural business, which has ready access to a range of associated facilities and services to serve the needs of visitors to Sherwood Forest and surrounding areas.

 Furthermore, it should be stressed that the proposed holiday lodge offers a more affordable holiday experience than many of the alternative self-catering options highlighted above. Indeed, owing to the individual nature of the proposal, which does not incur the significant overheads and running costs associated with a more commercial holiday park, such as Center Parcs or Forest Holidays, the proposed lodge can offer holiday accommodation at prices 35% lower than the aforementioned larger scale operations. This opens up this type of holiday to a larger range of the population, who perhaps wish to experience the rural, countryside and forest environments, who might not normally be able to access such an experience, owing to prohibitive costs.

 The provision of the proposed holiday let, through the conversion of an existing timber building, will therefore secure a vital source of income for our client, as well as contribute towards the ongoing viability and growth of local facilities and attractions, thereby ensuring their sustainability and longevity.

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