96 New Homes Approved in Ancaster, Lincolnshire

Residential Ancaster, Lincolnshire, NG32

GraceMachin Planning & Property have recently obtained planning permission from South Kesteven District Council for up to 96 new dwellings on a greenfield site on the edge of Ancaster between Grantham and Sleaford in South Kesteven, Lincolnshire.

The site measuring circa 3.75ha with 4,900 sq. m of public open space proposed and 30% affordable housing.

This follows on from Nick Grace (Partner) at GraceMachin Planning & Property making representations on the Draft Local Plan in 2017 at a time when the Local Planning Authority had not identified the site for development. The site was subsequently identified as a proposed allocation for just 36 new homes.

Following the advice of Nick Grace, the landowner committed to sourcing detailed reports and undertook appropriate due diligence on matters including minerals, highways, and landscape. This resulted in a robust hearing statement being submitted to an independently appointed Planning Inspector in 2019. In the same year at the public hearing sessions, we were able to support a much larger housing allocation which was also ultimately supported and recommend by the Planning Inspector as a main modification to the Draft Plan.

This resulted in an allocated site for up to 96 units in the adopted SKDC Plan in Q1 2020. An increase of 60 new homes from that originally proposed by the Local Planning Authority.

By the end of summer 2020 during the COVID 19 pandemic , Nick Grace had remotely co-ordinated an outline application with all matters reserved except access. A formal application was then formally submitted to the Local Planning Authority and with little local opposition and only the need to make amendments to the site access and undertake Phase 2 work on ground conditions the application was able to be presented to the South Kesteven Planning Committee in Q1 2021 with a positive officer recommendation. At the formal Council committee meeting, Councillors voted to support the application subject to the signing of a s106 legal agreement.

"Significant value will have been added by the planning process, benefiting the landowner"

Nick Grace

The submission of the application by the landowner in partnership with GraceMachin Planning & Property has generated significant interest from housebuilders off market who have identified the site through the planning application process.

The site has the potential to deliver a range of much need new homes for the local community and local area.

Nick Grace commented: "This is another site which we have natured and promoted through the planning process. Helping the landowner throughout the process with informed commercial planning advice. We are confident that the site is an attractive site to developers which will soon be developed by a local or national housebuilder. Significant value will have been added by the planning process, benefiting the landowner, and we look forward to delivery of new homes on the site in the next two years which will be of wider social and economic benefit to the local area."

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