New Dwelling Approved in the Green Belt and Enlargement of Existing Dwelling

Residential Bulcote, Nottinghamshire, NG14

New Dwelling Approved in the Green Belt and Enlargement of Existing Dwelling

GraceMachin Planning & Property have obtained two planning permissions on a single site within the Nottingham Green Belt.

The existing house, ‘Redmays’ has a substantial residential garden and adjoining ‘paddock’ land which presented itself with a potential Green Belt ‘infill’* planning & development opportunity. Other key matters to be considered in detail included a) access (both private drive access and an established main access from ‘Nottingham Road’), and b) heritage (adjacent to a Listed Building & wider Conservation Area). Ecology and Tree Survey work was also needed to present a robust submission. Prior to formal submission of two individual planning applications, a positive engagement process with the local planning authority (Newark & Sherwood DC) took place with formal ‘pre-apps’ submitted.

Site access existing from Nottingham Road (L) Infill plot facing west (R)

This process established the potential of a single infill plot

opportunity along with the potential to alter, extend and enlarge the

existing house by way of conversion and linking to an existing detached

garage. This enabled GraceMachin Planning & Property to provide the consultant architect (Reform Architecture & Interior Design) with a full brief in partnership with the client, preventing unnecessary design work being undertaken .

"Just a thank you to both of you for all the hard work you have done ....we got there in the end !"

from client, upon completion of the planning process

Initial due diligence and providing a ‘planning strategy’ to the client at the outset, enabled clear direction to be given to all sub consultants. Acting as ‘conductor of the orchestra’, GraceMachin Planning & Property, have been able to meet and exceed client expectations.

Although, following formal submission, further engagement was required with the Highways Authority and working with BSP Consulting, enabled the final hurdle to be jumped with two positive planning decisions being issued by the Local Planning Authority.

* Cross reference the December 2023 National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) Paragraph 154 (e) ‘limited infilling in villages’)

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