Planning Success within Greater Manchester's Green Belt

Agricultural Greater Manchester, Yorkshire SK10

GraceMachin Planning & Property were instructed by J Parker Dutch Bulbs to submit a retrospective planning application for a plant nursery facility comprising of polytunnels at an existing garden centre facility within Greater Manchester's Green Belt.

The Local Authority (East Cheshire) had previously refused planning permission for the same proposal siting concerns that the facility would be used as a storage and distribution centre rather than principally being used as a plant growing nursery. In partnership with the client a new application was submitted. In addition to the client producing a video of the growing activities GraceMachin prepared a robust planning justification siting both Local and National Plan Policy. Following onsite meetings with Council Officers and providing additional information relating to highway movements and the use of the facility the Council were able to positively determine the application.

Planning permission in the Green Belt

The permission broadly reflects a similar proposal in Lincolnshire which has recently been granted planning permission and as part of the retrospective application we were able to offer the Local Authority a reduction in the size of the existing facility in East Cheshire, thereby ensuring that the openness of the Green Belt would be maintained.

GraceMachin Planning & Property currently advise clients on Green Belt matters within Kent, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire. With over 40 years combined experience dealing with applications in the Green Belt we are able to provide tailor made advice to specific projects.

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